This will be the place where folks can follow our trip across the country, driving Jack Dalton's 2002 Thunderbird from Pasadena, California, to North Garden, Virginia. Follow the trip by the posts for the days of our travel. Selecting the main image on any page will bring your back here. Most of the small images on pages are linked to larger images, but be aware that they are large (i.e., will load slowly over a modem and, once loaded, may require scrolling to view).

  1. 7 July--Warming up!
  2. 8 July--Off to Moro Bay
  3. 9 July--Back to LA
  4. 13 July--LA to Cambria
  5. 14 July--Cambria to Carmel
  6. 15 July--Carmel to Bishop (via Yosemite)
  7. 16 July--Bishop to Las Vegas (via Death Valley)
  8. 17 July--Las Vegas to Phoenix
  9. More to come....

Please understand that this is on-the-fly writing. There're errors. I've struggled with connectivity (as most travelers do) and haven't proofed the text and links as carefully as I would have hoped. Apologies in advance.